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What is Packagr?

Packagr is a secure repository for private Python packages and Docker images


Packages and Docker images are stored securely and backed up on Amazon S3


Add up to 100 team members, fill full control over who has access to what

CI/CD compatibilty

Easily integrate Packagr into your existing development infrastructure

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Create and deploy a Python package to Packagr in just a few seconds using Poetry


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Fully control access to your packages Packagr lets you manage access to all of your Python packages individually - grant read only or read/write access to any package to up to 100 individual users, or make packages fully public.

Security management Packagr automatically scans your Python packages' dependencies and identifies any security vulnerabilities, so you can act and fix quickly

Generous storage With Packagr, you can store up to 50GB of Python packages and docker images - plenty of space to keep store your legacy packages for years to come

Complete Python/Docker infrastructure

All your Python packages and Docker images in one place

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Packagr is great and a vital part of our inner source ecosystem now
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